Photo Credits - Kattoo HILLEWAERE

Sabrina Miraillès likes to define herself as a movement researcher.

Originally coming from the Public Relations and Communication field, she always looked at human systems, collective intelligence and the body as an ecosystem itself within a bigger group.

Throughout her Feldenkrais Method® professional education, she reconsiders what really matters to her and decides to dedicate herself to her passion : movement.

Practicing Contact Improvisation and Improvisation over 10 years, she has collaborated in many public space and indoors performances in Berlin. Among them, soft-catastrophism in Contact Improvisation “Bunker Ensemble” (Artists-Home Berlin, directed by Andrew Wass, October 2017), performance “Polaroïd aus der Komödie” (Dante, Bethanien Haus Berlin, directed by Magdalena Esponda o Roter, november 2016).

She is now settled in Kortrijk, Belgium, where she has her own studio : a space dedicated to movement research, somatics and creative process. She facilitates Contact Improvisation classes and workshops in Lille and other cities around.

Crossing her cognitive and social sciences background with Contact Improvisation and the Feldenkrais Method has led her to a common angle of questioning : How awareness through movement can shed light on our social, cultural and physical habits ?